Sunday, 16 December 2012

Little Busters! - Episode 11

Little Busters allows itself to get somewhat distracted this week, as another Kyousuke's bright ideas crops up to ensure that the group deviates from their current baseball-related goals.

Instead, Kyousuke has decided that the time is rip for a test of courage, and after gathering the whole gang (including a decidedly reluctant Rin) he sets them off on a test which involves collecting a number of talismans that he's placed around the school building.  Of course, he's also placed a number of traps in the hope of scaring his comrades witless - something which proves successful to varying degrees dependant upon the teams caught up in the trap in question.

Things take a worrying turn however when some incidents clearly not in Kyousuke's original script take place, and once some crazy black blob starts darting around the place Naoe is quick to discern that this isn't his doing.  Thus, the test of courage turns into a spot of ghost busting, as all and sundry work together to corner and capture the supernatural phenomenon terrorising them... except it doesn't turn out to be supernatural at all, aside from some strange goings-on in the principle's room which is another story entirely.

So ends another episode of Little Busters that was okay but nothing more - it was a solid enough instalment and its particular side-story had some promise, but there was little in the way of real laughs, tension or drama to make it feel particularly worthwhile in any real fashion.  It's an issue which is fast beginning to plague this series, spending as it does more time being mediocre than doing anything notable with its cast or concept.

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