Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Jormungand: Perfect Order - Episode 10

Even by Koko's standards, kidnapping someone from Guantanamo bay is pretty, well, loco.  Can her men really pull it off?

After a good start (that being succeeding in their kidnap of Rabbitfoot), the gang soon find themselves reaching the attentions of "Night Nine", a crack unit who certainly aren't prepared to take any prisoners in despatching with their opponents and taking back Rabbitfoot.  Things look to be taking a turn for the worse as Lutz gets shot (in the ass, naturally), and in the resulting attempt to escape both himself and Jonah end up sliding down a cliff... slap-bang into a landmine.  Although she isn't present on the battlefield, Koko has a few tricks up her sleeve to help out her subordinates however, first downing the surveillance plane watching over the action before making her first use of "Jormungand" itself to send Night Nine on a wild goose chase by undetectably hacking into their positioning systems.

With Rabbitfoot successfully secreted away as the group escape to South Africa, it's finally time after a lot of teasing (particularly towards Jonah) to unveil the master-plan that is Jormungand - a plan to achieve world peace by forcibly using technology to stop all land, sea and air movements, be they civilian or military.  It's the plan of an ill-adjusted lunatic, but Koko is convinced that this is the long-term way forward for humanity no matter the short-term costs - the trouble is, Jonah seems to see things very differently...

If last week's episode of Perfect Order was great, then this week's was entirely brilliant - the first half was a tense and fascinating slice of action punctuated by Tawu Iwasaki's soundtrack at its most insistent, while the second finally laid bare Koko's grand plan for changing the world in all its insanity; a plan so bare-faced and implausible that, when coupled with the concept of quantum computing, seems somehow believable.  From such a broad stroke of its story-telling brush, we seem to be set up for a far more personal ending as it relates to Jonah and Koko's relationship, but no matter which direction the series heads for its finale I really want to see where it ends up.

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