Thursday, 13 December 2012

Psycho-Pass - Episode 10

Being a detective can be a dangerous job - not just for the individual themselves, but also for those that they care about, and when Akane receives what appears to be an e-mail from one of her friends before disappearing, it seems as if somebody has a bone to pick with her....

...or do they?  Needless to say, the first thing Akane does is call upon Kogami to help her out in visiting the meeting place of her friend noted in the e-mail - it's thus Kogami who undertakes the search for her in a derelict part of town that couldn't scream "It's a trap!" more if it was a scene from Star Wars looped over and over.  Lo and behold, a trap is exactly what it is, with Kogami ushered onto a subway train and transported goodness knows where while any tracks or evidence to show where he might have gone are removed.

This spells bad news for Kogami and Akane's friend Yuki Funuhara, who is alive and well within the subway carriage, as they find themselves dumped into the middle of a quite literal hunting ground - no prizes for guessing who this particular technological "fox hunt" belongs to.  It's up to Kogami to find a way for them both to escape, and rather oddly it seems that he's been given more than a sporting chance in proceedings to boot, offering him ample opportunity to show what he can do when his back is against the wall, and ultimately giving him a chance to contact his colleagues and request their assistance.

In one sense, I'm not too sure what to feel about this week's Psycho-Pass - it lacks any of the intriguing discussions or concepts of previous instalments, but on the other hand it gives us a better view of Kogami in action, which in turn made for a reasonably compelling episode in its own right.  Of course, this whole scenario also furthers the current wider plot arc as a whole; perhaps not quite as quickly as one might have liked, but it still seems to have plenty to offer in a broader sense.  This wasn't Psycho-Pass at its best then, but given the quality of the series as a whole I'm willing to give it a, err, pass.

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