Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Jormungand: Perfect Order - Episode 9

As Koko's grand scheme (whatever it might be) advances, it seems to have reached the point where she isn't even hiding her movements and intentions, rousing suggestions that she's ready to unleash whatever beast she is creating to do her bidding.

Needless to say a number of parties, including Bookman and Scarecrow, have more than a passing interest in what she's up to, and as you might expect all of the trails (no matter how carefully concealed) lead back to Koko and Dr. Minami's "toy factory", the true purpose of which remains unknown.  However, as Koko travels around investing in very particular companies like someone at the supermarket with a shopping list, Koko's final goal seems to be coming into view.

In short, it seems as if Koko is trying to build a quantum computer, as she goes about recruiting the materials and talent she needs, by force if necessary.  After giving those tailing her the slip when reaching Miami, it seems that Bookman has guessed exactly what her next target is - an Islamic quantum physicist secreted away in a highly secure compound underneath Guantanamo Bay.  While her men train and prepare for this kidnapping, those opposing Koko assemble a trap to counter her... but who will win out?

I have to admit, I really like where Jormungand is going right now - we seem to have left behind those days of crazy, larger than life characters for the sake of it and moved onwards to a whole new dimension; a case of reality meets science fiction with quantum computers at its core.  This whole concept surrounding Koko's grand plan has really got me gripped all of a sudden, partly becomes quantum computing is cool, admittedly, but also because it feels both suitably intriguing and grandiose for me to absolutely want to see where it's eventually headed.  I've enjoyed Jormungand more than I've been disappointed by it to date, but as we enter the closing stages of this second season it feels like it's about to hit the top of its game.

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