Thursday, 20 December 2012

Psycho-Pass - Episode 11

Reinforcements may be on their way, but will they arrive fast enough to rescue Kogami from the decidedly dangerous game in which he is now embroiled?

Once he has a Dominator in his hands thanks to the first of those reinforcements, it seems as if the balance of this game has shifted in Kogami's favour, but in the midst of this "hunting ground" and up against an experienced opponent with a shotgun that isn't necessarily the case.  Thus, it takes all of Kogami's wits to win the day, albeit not before he takes a few bullets in the progress - however, taking out Tenguchi is only half of the story...

With Kogami incapacitated, it's time for Makishima to take a more direct role in things, snatching away Yuki once again (who is now a shoe-in for a "most kidnapped character in anime 2012" award) and going on the run.  As Kogami's comrades arrive on the scene, it's inevitably Akane who gives chase in the hunt to rescue her friend, and once she runs into Yuki and Makishima it seems like dispatching with this suspect in a number of criminal cases will be a piece of cake with a Dominator at her disposal.  However, for some reason Makishima's crime coefficient isn't high enough to activate the device, and even drops further the more aggressive Makishima's behaviour becomes.  Providing her with Tenguchi's shot gun to give her the opportunity to save her friend of her own volition outside of the rules of the Sibyl system, a disbelieving Akane is faced with an almost impossible choice....

If nothing else, that was quite a spanner to throw into Psycho-Pass' works, carving a swathe out of the system around which everything is constructed thanks to a single, human anomaly before reminding us just how ruthlessly bloody this series can be.  It's certainly a heavy way to end the first half of the series, casting Akane's fortitude into doubt and potentially also turning her career on its head in the ensuing chaos.  As a result, Psycho-Pass continues to be gripping and occasionally tense stuff, and I look forward to more of the same from the show's second half.

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