Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu - Finale - Episode 3

Now that it's decidedly protracted love triangle is done and dusted, just a couple of episodes remain to allow Haruka and Yuuto to get all lovey-dovey with one another...

On the other hand, they could just spend all of their time making an adventure game for their doujinshi circle, which is indeed exactly what they do with another Comiket around the corner - despite some misunderstandings from Haruka's sister and staff, there's nothing but game development going on in that bedroom.

Still, you can't deny the two of them some fun times as a result, but just as everything is looking perfect when Comiket opens, up steps a trio of blasts from Haruka's past - some so-called friends from her former school who shunned her when it was revealed that she was a closet otaku.  Needless to say, Haruka is mortified to see them again and runs off rather than having to deal with things in a situation that even Yuuto openly admits he can do nothing about - upon facing her fears in fact, Haruka discovers that these former classmates are here to do anything but make fun of her, and thus happiness is restored.  Just as a happily ever after finale to Finale looks set in stone however, a new revelation emerges...

After a couple of pretty much downright terrible episodes, you couldn't really get more run of the mill than this third instalment of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Finale - the few gags in the show are so over-used that they were labelled as old hat when seen in cave paintings, the "oh no I've fallen on you" moment is actually the copyright of primordial soup, and the overall plot was as easy to predict as night following day.  That this was an improvement over the first two episodes says a lot about the quality of this OVA but hey, an improvement's still an improvement, right?

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