Monday, 24 December 2012

Robotics;Notes - Episode 11

The GunPro-2 has been given the green light by the powers that be, but for Kai and Koujiro still have other fish to fry, with the latter in particular showing more than a passing interest in the Kimijima reports no matter how crazy their contents might sound.

Thus, the duo set out to unlock the third Kimijima report, which involves more long-winded and boring AR and geo-tagging related tasks before it can be unlocked.  While Kai is waiting to complete one particularly laborious task to unlock one of the required "flags", he finds himself beating the world's number one Kill-Ballad player - quite an achievement, but nothing compared to someone managed to infiltrate Koujiro's monitor system to look for cheats with a virus, which sees her deciding to send her Tokyo contacts to check up on this particular player.

From here, strange things soon begin to build up one after another - the completion of the required flags allows Kai to unlocked the third Kimijima report, revealing more about a conspiratorial plan to use the sun to destroy the planet, before rumours of a leak of that feted final episode of Gunvarrel leaking online turns into a reality, with the footage from that episode showing that the series took a leaf out of End of Evangelion's book for its finale in depicting... well, a plan to use the sun to destroy the planet.  With the top three Kill-Ballad players all revealed to have died several months previously despite their continued online presence, and with calls to Kai from all around (including Aki's sister) to stop looking into Kou Kimijima and his theory, something decidedly malicious appears to be afoot.

At last, it feels like the disparate elements of Robotics;Notes are on collision course in quite spectacular fashion, while still retaining plenty of mystery as to what's going on.  Although it isn't quite the same moment of jaw-dropping shock that brought us to the halfway point of Steins;Gate, it does feel like a moment where the series has "arrived" after perhaps being less direct than it could have been up to this point.  Tense times are likely to be afoot as we move into the second half of the series, and they couldn't have come at a better time.

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