Thursday, 27 December 2012

GIRLS und PANZER - Episode 10.5

Another recap episode wasn't exactly how we wanted to see out the year in Tankery, but I'll take what I can get to tide me over until the final proper episodes of Girls und Panzer air in 2013.

Needless to say, this was another episode designed to (full time and) retread the story since the first recap instalment, while also spending a little more time introducing the stars of the show - not just the characters, but also their tanks.

It's actually some of the technical details that stand out and come some way towards making this tacked-on episode worthwhile - in the midst of the action it's been hard to really get a full grasp of the hardware being used by the various teams, their strengths and weaknesses and so on, and getting a second opportunity with some additional notes to be able to better understand the mechanical beasts that these girls are driving around with is actually pretty fun in its own right.  Whether it's enough fun to make this must-see viewing is far more debatable, of course.

Still, if a reminder were needed as to how hugely entertaining Girls und Panzer has been, this served pretty well as just that reminder - it perhaps wasn't quite as sharp at picking out the "best bits" as the first recap, and that aforementioned technical eye made it a bit more of a dry viewing than episode 5.5, but there have been worse recap episodes created to fill time.  Besides, this instalment has reminded me that I should grab my camera and pay a visit to my local tank museum some time soon...

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