Friday, 21 December 2012

Jormungand: Perfect Order - Episode 11

The end of last week's Jormungand saw Koko finally reveal her masterplan, and what a deliciously bonkers one it was too.  However, it seems that Jonah isn't exactly buying into this particular scheme....

Although Jonah can't actually verbalise his disagreement with Koko's plans, clearly her idea of world peace no matter the costs to humanity doesn't sit well for him no matter how well she puts across her argument about preventing a future third world war and the untold destruction it would certainly cause.  Thanks to that inability to argue with words, Jonah does the only thing he can - he runs (or rather swims); a journey which brings him straight to Kasper, who hires him to join his team instead.

No matter how upset she is by Jonah's defection, Koko still has the rest of her crew on-hand and thus it remains business as usual in terms of both continuing to build Jormungand towards its ultimate goal while carry on her day-to-day business as an arms dealer.  However, there are some obstacles that clearly need to be removed from her path, or at least moved into the right positions on the board - enter an audacious plan to push Bookman into an impressive demonstration of what she can do with a quantum computer at her disposal; a plan which also fingers the troublesome Plame as part of some kind of international conspiracy.  Has Koko just reached checkmate in her game to create a new world?

As lunatic as its main plot point now is, Jormungand continues to operate at the zenith of its powers as this second season comes to a close - Koko makes for a believable righteous-but-insane protagonist, and although the whole quantum computer idea veers a little towards serving as a deus ex machina it's nonetheless a compelling principle that's leveraged superbly here.  With Jonah now acting as a fascinating wildcard and the series' soundtrack at its most insistently menacing, I simply can't wait to see what the show's finale has to offer - my only concern is that a single episode doesn't really seem like enough to do the grandiose plan at the centre of it all justice.

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