Monday, 27 August 2012

YuruYuri ♪♪ - Episode 9

In case we'd already forgotten, this ninth episode of YuruYuri's second season begins by reminding us of Chinatsu artistic "talents" - I think it's safe to say that particular joke is well and truly done now.

As the episode proper begins, it's studying time for a number of the girls as they gather at Akari's house for a cram session... well, most of them gather for that reason, but it seems like Sakurako is more interested in snacking and larking around - no change there, then.  It seems as if she's also found something of a kindred spirit in Kyoko, who certainly has rather a lot in common with her fellow pupil.

With that done and dusted, Chinatsu finds herself in a tight spot when she inexplicably decides to hide in the girl's club room as she hears the others coming - not a simple situation to explain your way out of, and the longer she waits and more preposterous ways of making her escape form, it seems that there will be no easy way out.  Chinatsu also features in the third segment of this week's episode as she sleeps over at Akari's house - not that much sleeping gets done thanks to a horror DVD and, perhaps more importantly, the previously unseen terrors of Akari's sleeping face.  Finally, we close out with a handful of random meanderings, including  an ice cream disaster for Akari and further evidence as to just how disconnected from reality Sakurako seems to be.

As another hit and miss episode of a hit and miss series, this week's instalment of YuruYuri again managed to deliver a few laughs while continuing its trend of making far better use of its characters than its earlier episodes - it does still occasionally find the need to lean upon its character tropes but does so far less frequently, which is both something to be commended and a big part in the show's recent improvement in terms of actually entertaining me.  It's almost at the point where I'm starting to develop a bit of a soft spot for the show... I said almost you hear, almost!  It isn't quite there yet, although the season still has a few more weeks to run...

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