Sunday, 12 August 2012

Space Brothers - Episode 20

At last, we reach the final day of the current astronaut selection exam - mind you, that doesn't stop this series from continuing to drag out this particular story arc rather.

Although Mutta's parents seem to have forgotten what this date in their calendar is about entirely (as parents are wont to do when their kids reach a certain age), there's no chance of those directly involved forgetting what they need to do as the requirement for each team to select two of their party to choose as astronauts of the future looms large.  If anything, a final day of allowing each group to do whatever they like only makes things worse, as it allows everyone (in Team A in particular) to reminisce over the good times and the bonds that they've formed with others.

No amount of happy memories will delay the inevitable though, and ultimately the time looms where a decision has to be made.  How are Team A and B going to decide their fates?  Who is going to finish cleaning the blood of the walls of Team C's "capsule"?  It seems that we'll never get the answer to that second question, but as you might expect from Mutta he has a decidedly unconventional idea for solving his team's crisis on who to vote for, while Mizoguchi is still preparing one final opportunity to get one over poor Makabe.  As for who will prevail, it looks like we'll have to wait for next week once again...

It might just be my impatience talking here (can't I wait for just one more week?) but I really felt like at least the voting portion of the current round of selection testing could easily have been the focus of this week's episode, rather than yet more sentimental (and admittedly successfully so in places) reminiscing and regrets.  Everything this episode did worked well enough, but it was all a little bit predictable, particularly in the case of Mutta's behaviour and solution to problems, which surely proves that we're really in need of some fresh subject matter for the series to tackle having spent almost as long as the wannabe astronauts within their confined environment.

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