Monday, 20 August 2012

YuruYuri ♪♪ - Episode 8

Never mind the opening, this week everybody will doubtless be talking about YuruYuri's closing credits, featuring the artistic endeavours of Chinatsu.  Don't have nightmares, kids...

Speaking of Chinatsu's artistry, this latest instalment begins with Kyoko fretting over a Comiket deadline as she struggles to complete her latest work in time - thank goodness for good friends as a time like this, as they all leap in to offer their assistance.  The trouble is, how does Kyoko keep Chinatsu away from her work to avoid her ruining it?  The answer involves some depressing songs and a lot of tea.

Speaking of singing (man, I'm on fire with the links today!), the next segment of this Christmas-themed (no, I don't know why either) episode of YuruYuri sees the gang enjoy a good, old-fashioned karaoke session with all of the goings-on which you might expect to the point where the only real highlight is Kyoko trying to sing with her mouth full and choking on some rice.  Speaking of rice (what?!), there's no rice involved in the last segment of this episode, as Yui invites Chinatsu for a day out as a belated thank you for the Valentine's Day gifts received earlier in the series amongst other things.  Of course, Chinatsu takes this invitation somewhat the wrong way, although her attempts to woo her would-be lover at a horror movie goes rather horribly awry amongst other things.

After a decent record of successively improving episodes over recent weeks, this latest instalment of YuruYuri fell a bit flat - after a great opening segment, and ignoring its amusing end credits, the rest of the episode didn't really have a whole lot to offer and generally ran a little thin on humour.  Still, even here it continues to feel like a big improvement over the first couple of episodes, so out-of-season Christmas theme aside there are worse ways to spend an evening than watching this.  For example, you could still be watching Nakaimo...

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