Thursday, 9 August 2012

Moyashimon Returns - Episode 6

As we return to the harvest festival for this sixth episode of Moyashimon Returns, we find the first day of said festival coming to a close, with "Aoi's bar" having proved to be a roaring success thanks to the intervention of Aya to keep things running smoothly.

This is, however, only the beginning of the event, as once the doors are closed to the public there's a whole other show in town - in this particular case, a show which involves a prospective professor at the university duking it out in a boxing ring against the existing professor who blocked their application in the hope of restating their claim for that position.  In this year's case however, our wannabe contender's opponent has a rather unique way of looking to seal his victory...

Besides all of this however, the truth is now emerging amongst her friends as to exactly what's going on with Haruka - thanks to some rather dastardly digging in high places from Professor Itsuki, it's now known that she's all set to be married in France, with Itsuki himself planning to head out there to do... well, something.  Can the rest of her buddies do anything to stop her from being dragged into unhappiness?  Maybe they can courtesy of the harvest festival, and all and sundry put their backs into earning the money required to send at least some of their number to Paris, from dressing up as a bunny girl (oh my, bunny girl Oikawa, my week has been made) to offering a "creative" prize at a student led auction which puts some of the creepier prizes at anime convention auctions I've attended to shame.

Having enjoyed some of its earlier episodes for other varying reasons, perhaps the most enjoyable facet of this week's Moyashimon Returns is the face that it had no qualms about being largely balls to the wall bonkers, with boxing against robots, crazy bugging devices, spitting pop idols and bunny girl Oikawa (sorry, I have to keep talking about bunny girl Oikawa).  It's that variety that is not only the spice of life, but also the spice of this show to a large extent as it mixes together education, friendship and insanity into a surprisingly heady cocktail that almost defies definition at this stage in the series.  In short, you never know quite what you're going to get with this show, and to be honest I rather like it that way.

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