Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Joshiraku - Episode 7

Just what is the modern pentathlon about?  And why doesn't the biathlon involve playing karuta?  These are just some of the important (and thankfully still vaguely topical) questions asked by this seventh episode of Joshiraku.

In rather contrived fashion, pondering the point of certain Olympic events evolves into worries amongst our rakugo girls about being left single forever.  There's surely only one way to alleviate that concern and ensure marriage at an early age - become a delinquent.  Naturally, it's to Marii the other turn for the definitive guide to becoming a true delinquent, whether it's from using overly complex characters or creating a suitable legend to confirm your delinquent status - a Legend of the Galactic Heroes, perhaps?  Wait, that can't be right...

For the second segment of this episode, we visit a fish auction for some reason, admiring the voices and movement of those working there before the topic of conversation evolves into discussing dream vehicles - whatever you do, never let Kukuru near an industrial crane.  Some nattering about names later, we move on to the final segment, and concerns from the boss about a high electricity bill.  But where is this high electricity usage coming from?  Certainly not the sumo wrestler trapped under the floor, nor the rats infesting the roof, so what on Earth is the problem?  And besides, can't the electricity companies just use other means to generate more electricity, like a shady "love café" or something?

So concludes another inevitably hit and miss episode of Joshiraku, but one that hit hard and succeeded in causing some great laugh out loud moments when it hit the spot.  Inevitably, the language barrier is what stopped certain segments of this particular instalment from being even funnier, and there are times when it feels as if the series is almost threatening to become over-reliant on Marii as the butt of all the jokes, but Joshiraku remains an entertaining prospect even if it seems to be growing more surreal by the week.

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