Thursday, 16 August 2012

Moyashimon Returns - Episode 7

After all of their hard work and efforts, the harvest festival comes to an end with some stalls scrabbling to get rid of the rest of their stock to end its final night as per tradition, while those behind "Aoi's Bar" have a chance to enjoy the feeling of superiority that comes from winning the contest to be the most profitable stall as they plan on who will be involved in rescuing Haruka, and how.

At least, that's the plan... however, it seems that our group of students weren't exactly acting in an entirely above board way in terms of creating their popular brews for the festival - a fact that even Professor Itsuki is unwilling to deny, seeing Aoi's Bar stripped of its winning place at the festival, while moreover its rule-breaking culprits Misato and Kawahama find themselves suspended from the university for twenty whole days.  As if things couldn't get any worse, the two downcast students are about to be sent on an errand by Professor Itsuki to buy him some wine and cheese....

...from Paris.  With Sawaki also provided a ticket so that he can tow along, it's off to France we go (via a microbe-packed aircraft of course) with the unspoken mission of finding Hasegawa and doing what it takes to save her from her current nightmare.  That said, there's still plenty of time to enjoy a little French cuisine and take in the sights, although Kawahama's ideas about what passes for the everyday in Paris seem to be decidedly off the mark, meaning that funds are soon running desperately short and leaving the trio with little choice but to abandon any pretences of tourism to look for their missing advisor.

After some recent stutters, this week's Moyashimon Returns was pure, simple fun as it put aside some of its educational content in deference to just goofing around with its characters and their current situations - something which worked decidedly well thanks to the change in location to Paris and the behaviour of the trio chosen to undertake such an "operation".  Although this was far more of a "straight" comedy take on proceedings than this series is perhaps best at, it was still greatly enjoyable and provided a number of laugh out loud moments to make for worthwhile viewing.

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