Monday, 6 August 2012

YuruYuri ♪♪ - Episode 6

It's Monday evening, which means that it's time for another episode of Mirakurun!  Actually, I wish it was, as it tends to be more amusing than YuruYuri itself...

Anyhow, this week's episode kicks off with a guest spot (opening theme and all) for everyone's favourite(-ish) magical girl parody, which this time sees Mirakurun facing off against some disappearing balls (no sniggering at the back) in a plight that turns surprisingly violent before becoming less surprisingly random.

All of this is little more than a lead-in to this second season's inevitable Comiket (let's not mess about and use the in-series name for it) episode, as Kyoko this time sets out her stall having gone as far as to make her own animated work, aka the Mirakurun production we saw at the start of the episode.  It says something when a schoolgirl's doujin anime is better than the show she appears in, huh?  Anyhow, this gives rise to some good old-fashioned cosplay jokes as Chinatsu struggles to get into character throughout at her first Comiket, while poor old Ayano is left out in the cold entirely.  With this storyline done, we close the episode at the end of the summer holidays with our main quartet hanging out and playing another of Kyoko's dumb games to pass the time.  Oh, and pancakes are made too, which in turn has made me hungry.  Thanks girls.

Once again, this is a passable episode of YuruYuri - it always manages to have fun with its magical girl parody sessions, and the whole Comiket skit always manages to work its magic on the otaku crowd - namely, me.  It won't be winning any awards for originality or cutting edge comedy, and a lot of its jokes and set-ups simply feel lifted from the first season at this point, but at least the series seems to have a little more energy to it after a decidedly bland start, to the point where I no longer dread having to sit down to watch the show each week even though I rather enjoy ragging on it.

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