Friday, 3 August 2012

Moyashimon Returns - Episode 5

Hasegawa is missing, and the college's harvest festival looms large over the horizon - it looks like a stressful time ahead for our bacteria-loving students, especially given that Kawahama and Misato seem to be up to something as per usual.

Now, I remember a fair few harvest festivals from my childhood, but nothing quite prepared me for the horrific visions delivered by a harvest festival, Moyashimon Returns style.  Even before it starts we're greeted by a horde of rabid housewives waiting impatiently outside of the gates, and once that gate opens and the festival begins, even the combined powers of the academy's American football and Lacrosse teams is no match for a stampede of impatient women with an eye for free produce.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Kawahama and Misato clearly still have their eyes on the prize - the prize, that is, for having the festival's most popular store.  Although their efforts to coax a hungover Mutou into a bunny girl outfit don't quite work out, they still clearly have an eye for what the people want as their stall is unveiled as a part sporting Aoi's name.  The star of the bar (see what I did there?) is the duo's own, homemade Mexican liquors, a trio of weird and wonderful (well, mostly weird) beverages that they've knocked up - it seems that they still have other fish to fry at this event however, leaving Oikawa, Mutou and Sawaki to deal with the alcohol-hungry public; a task which proves difficult without a clear leader like Haruka around.  But just where is she headed off to with her prospective husband?

It's rather a relief to see this week's episode of Moyashimon return to form somewhat after a deathly dull instalment last week - if nothing else, the show's housewife stampede was fantastic comedy in its own right, and there seems to be plenty of other stuff building up to keep us amused over the course of this arc in terms of both characterisation and action.  Fun times indeed, complete with another healthy dollop of education on top.

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