Monday, 13 August 2012

YuruYuri ♪♪ - Episode 7

This week's YuruYuri is, ostensibly, all about sisters, meaning that I could have started up this entry with an opening gambit like "sisters are doing it for themselves".  Lucky I never write cheesy lines like that,eh?

Anyway, it's the main characters relationships with their siblings (all of which, creepily, are female in this girls-only world) which book-end this episode of the series - first up we have the ever-energetic Sakurako, who lives with both a younger and elder sister who seem far more refined and sensible than she; indeed, the latter is more or less a blonde Hitagi Senjougahara - not that this is a bad thing, mind.  Elsewhere, Himawari and Yui get on with their sisters in their own fashion, while Chinatsu and Akari both have elder sisters who are decidedly obsessive, albeit in different (and in the latter case alarming) ways.  Oh, and then there's Chitose and Chizuru... the less said about them and their fantasy-fuelled lives the better, I suspect.

In the midst of all this we find Himawari worrying about her weight, and as a result turning to Sakurako for help.  This possibly isn't the best ideas in the world as she isn't exactly the most helpful of people, but she does at least comes to her friend's aid when her attempt to diet becomes rather over-bearing.  But is Himawari really getting fat, or is she just... err... "developing"?  I would wager that Sakurako really doesn't want to hear the answer to this question.

Overall, this second season of YuruYuri is continuing to keep me just sufficiently entertained to make for a worthwhile watch each week - there were a few giggles once again, and the time spent away from the show's main quartet of characters again freshened things up and allowed the episode to strike out in some different ways (and no, I'm not just saying that because of Sakurako's elder sister).  It still isn't hilarious comedy, and occasionally its characters and setups can be grating, but as a colourful slice of throwaway comedy I can't deny that YuruYuri is doing its job with increasing efficiency each week.

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