Thursday, 30 August 2012

Moyashimon Returns - Episode 9

With Hasegawa's unwilling French adventure still continuing, it seems that she's finally decided to unleash her secret weapon upon the poor, unsuspecting Ryuuta - drunk Haruka.

Needless to say, this is rather a shock to the system for Hasegawa's soon to be husband, which in turn affords her some peace and quiet to go sight-seeing by herself the next morning.  With even Ryuuta's driver seemingly on Haruka's side as he warns her that this is likely to be her final morning of freedom, she decides that she has no choice but to do a runner, and so tracks down Misato and Kawahama to make good on that escape.

While Misato is (rather awkwardly) left in charge of looking after Haruka, Kawahama heads back to the group's "base" - namely Marie's home, where she's currently waiting for the return of the others with Sawaki.  This allows us to dig a little deeper into Marie's relationship with her father and the exact reason behind her refusal to take on the family's wine-making business - a decision that is far, far more complex than her simply having a dislike for that lifestyle; far from it in fact.  Thanks to Sawaki's ability to talk to microbes, he also comes to realise that Marie's father is struggling as the current successor to the business, giving him another problem to ponder as well as what to do about Hasegawa's escape.

Having fallen rather flat last week, this was a far more entertaining episode of Moyashimon - funnier, more snappily paced and generally enjoyable as it had enough faith to let some of its characters bounce off one another without feeling the need to force any of the issues at hand.  It's increasingly feeling like Haruka's "escape" will see us through to the end of this series, which is perhaps a shame in a sense as there's still so much left unsaid and otherwise unresolved back in Japan, but for the most part I'm certainly enjoying this series far more than I'm lamenting its slip-ups.

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