Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The World God Only Knows Season 2 - Episode 8

Having conquered Chihiro, it's a chance for some downtime and a filler episode to give this second season of The World God Only Knows a bit of a breather.

This particular instalment is effectively split in two, with the first segment of the episode seeing our "Divine One" tipped off about a rare first edition of a particular dating sim that sends him off excitedly on a trip to buy said game.  With the store stocking the title closed until 1PM upon his arrival, Keima has little to do until checking out another game store reveals a retro gaming fair taking place at the same time as the first store's opening.  What to do?  With time to kill, Keima decides to give Elsie a lesson in the history and important points of dating sims before sending her off to buy this rare first edition game on her own.

Part two of the episode grants us a visit from Haqua, as she looks to create a report on the events which transpired during her last attempt at capturing a Loose Soul.  Seeing as she can't remember all of the details for obvious reasons, Elsie and Keima are roped into helping with the report creation via a rather nifty model recreation of proceedings - needless to say, everything goes horribly wrong once the disagreements about who did what when start...

While most series usually elicit little more than a groan once they enter filler territory, The World God Only Knows often seems to produce its best material under these conditions and once again this was a frequently funny episode that is arguably far more entertaining than watching Elsie and Keima chase around after Loose Souls.  The first half of this week's episode in particular was great, with plenty of amusing moments and laugh out loud one-liners, while the second half wasn't short of funny moments either.  It's almost enough to make you wish that every episode of The World God Only Knows was like this.

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