Monday, 16 May 2011

The World God Only Knows Season 2 - Episode 6

Despite all his previous conquests, it seemed as though Keima has finally met his match in "normal" girl Chihiro, a character with seemingly no unique personality traits but with more than enough vim and vigour to chew Keima up and spit him out to the extent where he retreats from the world entirely to his gaming "safety bubble".

Of all people, it's Keima's first conquest Ayumi who snaps him out of his funk, plying him with food and, after pleading with him to make up with Chihiro, organising an after-school clean-up duty featuring only the two of them in the hope of it resolving the issue.  Amazingly, this finally gives the pair of them an opportunity to bond, as Chihiro's fawning over her next romantic target gives Keima a chance to preach about his knowledge, eventually persuading Chihiro that he might just be of use to her.  With Keima also realising that his targets don't necessarily have to fall in love with him, it seems as if our "God of Conquest" is well and truly back on track.

So begins Keima's regime of training and assisting Chihiro in her efforts to win over Yuto, the boy in question, using the tricks and techniques he's learned to bring the two closer together with a surprising degree of success.  However, despite all of this there remains a sense of loneliness and a certain detachment in Chihiro's behaviour and actions, suggesting that there are still some major twists and turns to come in this particular story arc.

I suppose it's this sense of mystery and the fact that we don't seem to have quite gotten to the bottom of Chihiro's character that is making this particular arc of The World God Only Knows seem all that more compelling - her "blank slate" status now feels less like a gimmick and more like a genuine gap in her life, while Keima's behaviour and Ayumi's role in proceedings add even more question marks into proceedings.  In other words, this feels like far away the most interesting story arc to come from this series so far, and with any luck it has an ending to its tale to match up to what it's served up thus far already.

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