Monday, 30 May 2011

Maria†Holic Alive - Episode 8

Although it's almost time for Ame-no-Kisaki's summer vacation, it appears to be literally a case of no rest for the wicked as far as our protagonist Kanako is concerned, as she finds herself involuntarily lined up for a packed schedule of extra lessons on account of her dismal performance in previous tests.

On the other hand, the good news is that most of the other students are also going to be attending at least some of these classes, giving our "heroine" a chance for some more fantasising about a summer in the midst of her "harem".

Before all that however, there's the small matter of Sachi Momoi's birthday - an event which is almost religious in the way it's celebrated.  Still, at least it finally allows us to learn just how Sachi manages to have everything including the kitchen sink on hand when required, with her kind and friendly demeanour seeing her lavished with ridiculous and elaborate (and mostly damn funny gifts)... from everybody except Kanako of course, who has let her own perversions getting in the way as she attempt to give Momoi a revealing cosplay outfit as a present before Mariya intervenes and confiscates the gift in question.  This leads to a rare moment of soul-searching from Kanako as to how she's let her good friend down, before Mariya saves the day by turning another of Kanako's kinks as they pertain to Sachi into an impressive gift.

To be honest, I can't ask much more out of Maria†Holic Alive each week than a few out-loud laughs, and as per usual this episode delivered between Kanako's pervertedness (which seems to be used far more satisfyingly than it was in the first season), the odd moment of fourth-wall breaking and the utter randomness of Sachi's birthday presents and the stories of her kindness.  It isn't breaking any new ground or otherwise impressive with its story-telling, but who cares when it makes you laugh at oil tankers and speed guns?

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