Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tiger & Bunny - Episode 7

Just as Barnaby looked as though he'd found a lead in the hunt for his parents, so it was cruelly snatched away by a mixture of dilly-dallying and the interference of an unknown fire-brandishing NEXT who literally burned said possibility of evidence to a smouldering crisp.

Needless to say this whole chain of events leaves Barnaby in an emotionally fragile state - a state which he takes out on Wild Tiger before storming off with an insistence that he doesn't need anybody's help.  Come the next day there's still no sign of "Bunny", leaving Kotetsu to team up with Blu Rose for a bit of charity villain-bashing before his partner finally returns at the behest of their company's CEO - an arrival which comes just in time for their next big mission.

This outing arrives in the form of a live Hero TV broadcast, and more importantly the discovery of a hideout used by a criminal gang - with all of our heroes poised to pounce upon the complex, Barnaby is the most fired up of the bunch as he hopes to find some further links to Ouroboros, but once again his bette noir appears at just the right (or wrong) moment to kill virtually all of the criminals present while escaping Tiger and Bunny's attentions and announcing his real intentions - to brandish his own style of "justice" upon Stern Bild.  Put simply - He's Light Yagami in some kind of elaborate cosplay.

Aside from giving away the real identity of Lunatic (with our two titular superheroes not even noticing he's stood right in front of them!) which is actually a pretty disappointing move, there was regardless a rather nice twist in the tale of this episode that moves its current story arc away from being simply Barnaby-centric into something far more all-encompassing.  Okay, so it's basically Death Note with superpowers, but on the plus side... well, it's Death Note with superpowers, and that sounds like a pretty intriguing road to go down for this series as it also continues to show some great glimpses of humour and carries on making some interesting suggestions about Hero TV as it goes.

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