Thursday, 5 May 2011

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control - Episode 3

Now that Kimimaro has had his first (and rather terrifying) experience of the Financial District, we actually shift away from his point of view at least somewhat for the third episode of C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.

Instead, we spend a little time following an unnamed woman (unless I wasn't paying attention and missed her name, stranger things have happened) who also happens to be an investigator for the International Monetary Fund.  With investigators sent to the location of every Financial District around the world, our narrator for much of the episode finds herself in Tokyo, and what's more she finds herself in the unique position of being invited into the Financial District, where she both "deals" and watches over proceedings - a viewpoint which has seen her take a considerable interest not just in Mikuni but also Kimimaro himself.

Speaking of our protagonist, after his brush with the unknown last week he decides to try and learn ore about his parents - a journey which leads to him visiting his aunt before a shocking revelation... that his father was actually involved within the Financial District himself.  So, Kimimaro pays the district a visit, where Souichirou helps him to find out the information he needs - not that it's good news as it pertains to his dad.  Is this knowledge going to influence Kimimaro's thoughts about doing further Deals in the future?  Was his father involved in the Financial District solely for his own gain or for the sake of his family?  There's certainly a lot for him to chew on as time moves inexorably towards his requirement to enter the fray again himself.

While I can't declare myself disappointed with this week's episode of the series, something just didn't feel right about it that I can't quite put my finger on.  Perhaps it was simply that the episode felt a little disjointed in the way it switched between our female investigator and Kimimaro, or perhaps said investigators role in explaining more about how Deals work and the like simply felt too forced.  Still, if nothing else this episode sowed some seeds for the future which could bear fruit, and this was undoubtedly an episode for building things up above all else (with some distinctly Eden of the East-esque undertones I might add), so I suppose I can forgive it for trying to shoehorn in all of the required information to get the series moving in the right direction.  Hopefully from here on in things will begin to get really interesting for this show.

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