Friday, 13 May 2011

Gosick - Episode 17

Seemingly everything is at stake for Victorique and Kujo judging by the opening to its latest story arc, with our dimiutive genius squirreled away by the Marquis who "owns" her while Brian Roscoe and her mother are also involved in a plot which sends magic and science crashing against one another.

First things first however, and having found Victorique it's time for Kujo to help her escape - something which comes via a meeting with the supposed watch-maker Kujo met on the train to Beelzebub's Skull before taking in some of the magic on show at the unfolding event taking place.  Said magic is, of course, little more than simple trickery, but nonetheless our watch-maker Hunt's attempts to debunk one particular trick ends his death, just as the everything threatens to go to Hell in a handbasket via an accident involving the hallucinogenic gas used to fool visitors before the dam attached to the complex bursts in a cataclysmic "accident".

Before these final events take place and lead to a quick evacuation of the nunnery to a waiting train, we witness a triumvirate of important meetings - one between Victorique and Brian Roscoe where the former debunks the latter's part in the "miracle" which earned the location its reputation in World War One, and two for Kujo; the first of which sees him bump into Victorique's mother Cordelia as she gives him some important messages for her daughter, while the second sees our "Reaper" come face to face with the Marquis himself.

It's actually almost impossible to make a full evaluation of this particular episode of Gosick, simply because it appears as though it will be leaning heavily on the instalments to come to fill in the gaping holes currently open within its story.  Indeed, these gaps feel unsatisfyingly large against the backdrop of an episode which gave away little and felt almost rushed at times in its execution - what seemed likely to be an offering full of answers only opened up even more questions.  Hopefully (and it certainly seems that way) this is the entire point of the episode, and all will be revealed to my impatience mind in due course.  If this week's instalment isn't simply more preparation for the important plot points to come however, this series is in big trouble right now... thank goodness that my confidence in the series of late is pointing me towards the former.

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