Thursday, 5 May 2011

SKET Dance - Episode 5

It's time for SKET Dance to spend an entire episode on a single storyline in episode five rather than breaking an instalment down into two sub-episodes, with a question of the occult (and perhaps more importantly Switch's reputation) at stake.

The claim of ghostly goings-on comes from the latest instalment of the school newspaper's column on the school's seven mysteries, which purports to have photographic evidence of a ghost who literally hangs around by the school incinerator after your usual grisly ghost story death.  The evidence comes courtesy of occult lover Reiko, who took the photo while on the look-out for ghosts.  Of course, Switch believes there's no such thing, and thus sets out alone to prove the story wrong, eventually solving the mystery with the help of his fellow SKET-dan members.

Sandwiching this particular story is a rather brief tale regarding the school's student council - a group who look all set to go head-to-head against the SKET-dan in a battle to see who will prove to be more helpful to its students.  Or something.  It's hard to care really.

In fact, that previous sentence pretty much sums up a large portion of SKET Dance as a whole so far.  The series is okay - so utterly okay, so average, so mediocre and free of anything particularly noteworthy that there's basically nothing to say about it.  Okay, so its self-referential gags occasional work in proving mildly amusing, but that aside there's no real reason to care about its characters or scenarios, nor is there any reason to hate them.  In short; SKET Dance is "just there" - it exists, that much is a fact, but that's basically all there is to it.

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