Friday, 20 May 2011

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko - Episode 6

It's Ryuushi... sorry, Ryuuko's... turn to get an episode in the spotlight for this sixth instalment of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko - and whaddya know, she spends rather a lot of her time fretting about Niwa.

Her thoughts and concerns about Makoto only increase when she runs into both him and Erio at the latter's new job in the sweet shop - as her friend questions whether they should simply stop going there on account of Erio's presence, so Ryuuko worries that Niwa is setting himself up to a world of isolation and loneliness if word were to get out about how close he is to his oddball cousin.  Thus, Ryuuko decides to stake out the shop the following day to warn Niwa of just this, running into Meme in the process but nonetheless getting her point across in her own inimitable fashion.

Of course, Ryuuko's words resonate with Niwa himself, leaving him to ponder what he should do about the situation in pretty vague terms - any time available for such ponderings are cut pretty short however as first Maekawa and then Ryuuko end up inviting themselves to his house after school.  As if the pair of them aren't enough trouble on their own, Erio's presence at the same time makes for an exhausting ordeal for poor old Makoto... an ordeal which looks to have been elongated once Meme returns, deals out a big hint about who Ryuuko has a crush on and then leaves again, taking Maekawa with her.  The word "awkward" springs to mind...

Although this week's episode wasn't really as sharp as some of its previous instalments have been, there's still a fair amount of fun to be found in Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko as always as it throws out some great lines and manages to carve some fun scenarios out of the simplest of things - Niwa's exasperating time in his room with three girls in particular is as believable as it is amusing as they all vie for his attention, and while Ryuuko occasionally infringes upon "annoying" territory rather than simply being energetic from time to time the cast as a whole carry the episode pretty well.  I'm not sure where the series is going, or if it's even going anywhere, but hey - I'm still enjoying it.

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