Monday, 30 May 2011

Deadman Wonderland - Episode 7

As horribly, cringe-inducingly poor Minatsuki's introduction to Deadman Wonderland was, it looks as though she's here to stay as she continues to flit in and out of the show's seventh episode.  Never mind that though, as this latest instalment opens with some shocking (and slickly revealed) revelations about the true nature of the mysterious Shiro - a truth that I'm pretty sure Ganta won't want to hear given how his memories about her and their childhood together have manifested themselves in his brain once again.

Anyhow, these revelations also tie in to a massive "earthquake" suffered by the facility itself and caused by Shiro's sparring with the establishment's director - an event which sees Yoh coming to the rescue of his sister, not that he gets any thanks for it.  Still, this event also rouses further suspicion on Makina's part, meaning that it appears that she will soon be going off on a rampage/fact-finding mission of her own.

That aside, the real focus of this week's episode is introducing yet more characters - on the one-hand we have a bad-ass "ultra-priest" who has a guitar the doubles as a fun (this is daft, yet it is also awesome), and on the other we have ourselves a rebel faction within Deadman Wonderland known as Scar Chain; a resistance movement that shows what kind of influence they have by fixing Minatsuki's penalty game in her favour.

After an almost laughable episode last week, I have to be fair and say that this week's instalment was a big improvement - yeah, it's still amusingly childish or simply lazy in the way it introduces things in places, but Minatsuki's character feels a little less out of place this time around and those revelations about Shiro really make the entire episode far more interesting to me even if they weren't given much time within the episode.  It still feels like the focus is too heavily upon the blood, guts and sex over the actual story more frequently than I would like, but every time I think I'm losing interest Deadman Wonderland manages to drag me back into its world somehow, so I can't be too harsh on it.

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