Monday, 23 May 2011

The World God Only Knows Season 2 - Episode 7

It's almost confession time for Chihiro as Keima sets the date for her to pour out her love upon her latest crush... but will she really go through with it?  While our "God of conquest" continues to work hard, Chihiro herself seems to be more and more ambivalent towards the whole thing.

Given her attitude, it's no shock that things soon come to a head as the fated day itself arrives, with Keima's carefully prepared notes coming up against a blasé reaction from Chihiro as she ponders whether she should even both to confess at all.  If nothing else, the exchange that follows gives light to Chihiro's real problem - she's ordinary and she knows it, and her pursuit of guys is only really to try and find someone to make her own star shine a little brighter.  What's more, her association with Keima has become close on account of her seeing him as a kindred spirit - a concept that seems to be dashed upon the rocks given Keima's harsh response.

Of course, Keima himself doesn't take long to realise that he's made a mistake and read between the lines, and thus it's up to him and him alone to rectify the situation and handle the Loose Soul with Chihiro - something he eventually manages to do by convincing her that she still holds the potential within her to shine, or at least to have one Hell of a lot of fun trying to.  As Keima steals both the initiative and a kiss from Chihiro, it's mission completed for this story arc, albeit only after ripping up Keima's proverbial rule book and even making him consider his own place in the world.

Having really enjoyed last week's episode, I have to say that this felt like a slightly weak ending to the story arc overall.  It was great to see Keima re-evaluating his own life and values somewhat, but his final showdown with Chihiro felt pretty weak from both sides and with any of the drama or emotion that it perhaps should have had - instead, it was very much a case of simply going through the motions and getting on with it.  Perhaps this is, ironically, down to Chihiro's ordinary nature that it brought about an equally ordinary retort to her worries (effectively, stop worrying and have some fun), making for a decent character that brought something different to the table but one that was perhaps less effective in the final straight.  Still, it wasn't a bad story arc overall to continue the shows run of being throw-away fun, and The World God Only Knows will continue to do what it does best whether I lavish it with praise or not.

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