Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Space Brothers - Episode 29

It's the day before Hibito's launch, and the tension is ramping up for everybody (except the unflappable Hibito, it seems) as a result.

With the Mars V shuttle making a successful take-off and Mars I to follow, the countdown to launch is well and truly on, to the point where even Mutta and Hibito's parents are starting to feel the tension in a major way as they begin to fret about their son and the danger of his forthcoming mission.

As we move to launch day itself, the weather threatens to put paid to the launch thanks to some heavy and ominous-looking clouds despite Hibito's confidence that all will be well come launch time.  As for Mutta, his emotions are torn between excitement for his brother on the one hand, and jealousy and envy on the other, the latter of which leaves him feeling a little disappointed in himself.  With the media circus surrounding the launch now in full swing and the weather clearing up, this probably isn't the best time for a helpful child to "free" Apo from the repression of a nearby post....

Having enjoyed Space Brothers almost without question up to this point in time, I'm really starting to worry a little that the show is starting to drag its heels too much - I was hoping this episode would end on the brink of the launch or somewhere very close to it, but instead it seems that we're about to be sidetracked by a missing dog and other such minutiae that the show really doesn't need right now.  As the "big finish" to an episode that didn't really leap out at me in the first place, it's a little disheartening, but hey... I'm sure we'll get back to the good stuff eventually.

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