Thursday, 18 October 2012

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! - Episode 3

One month on from the start of high school, Yuuta seems to have settled in nicely and become just another face in the crowd, which is more than can be said for Rikka as her delusions continue to get in the way.

If the possibility of joining a club might seem like a perfect catalyst to move Rikka's interests elsewhere, think again - while at least one of her classmates is contemplating joining the light music club, Rikka's immediate thoughts are to start up a club of her own in line with her own delusional interests.  With little initial interest apparent in the "Far Eastern Magic Society", even with the inclusion of napping as an addition to their remit, Rikka's eyes (well, eye) is turned by the prospect of cheerleading or joining the drama club, albeit not for long.

Ultimately, Rikka simply won't give up her idea of having her own club, even roping in online friend and fellow sufferer of delusions of grandeur Sanae Dekomori to bolster the club's numbers.  When even this proves insufficient, Rikka rolls out cats, invisible friends and split personalities, none of which fly with the group's teacher.... of course, this series would go nowhere without its club setting, so eventually agreement is reached to allow the circle to open, after which point they even gain an unlikely new member - the lovely Shinka Nibutani.

As the series progresses I find myself increasingly unable to particularly criticise Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai's sense of fun - although its physical slapstick humour is wearing a little thin already more often than not, it still has enough snappy lines and comebacks to make up for such issues while sailing along with its ever-growing cast of daft characters.  If you take away the fact that this still doesn't feel like a Kyoto Animation show (I'm genuinely starting to think I might have gone easier on it had it been an AIC work, for example) and my ponderings that they're only animating it as an excuse to enjoy those gorgeous action scenes which have popped up towards the end of the last couple of episodes, then I guess this is a pretty decent slice of entertainment.  It just doesn't happen to me one that grabs my interest as much as I had perhaps expected it to.

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