Monday, 29 October 2012

Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb - Episode 4

From bad weather to glorious sunshine, such is the beauty of the relatively random nature of Hidamari Sketch's timeline - more importantly however, this week sees us introduced to Yamabuki High's swim meet.

Despite being a free event which allows its students compete, watch or simply stay at home, there's a good turn-out to watch proceedings, for reasons not at all to do with Yoshinoya wearing a school swimsuit.  Meanwhile, despite learning to at least float, Yuno still isn't up for playing an active role in the meet, and thus acts as one of the "recorders" tasked with taking photos; something she does with relish and with an occasionally worrying flourish, in spite of the expensive camera in her possession.

Meanwhile, Nori, Sae and Miyako are Hidamari Apartment's contestants in various disciplines, with Sae's heat in particular creating a surprising bond between Hiro and Natsume as her cheerleaders.  At the end of the day there's good news all-round for the main characters involved, with their role in helping their class to victory proving to be more important than some of the younger students had realised, while Yuno's photographic efforts are very much appreciated, and displayed (quite literally) in all of their glory on the school web site.

Sure, this wasn't one of Hidamari Sketch's best episodes, but it still brought out a number of laugh out loud moments while being vaguely fun and reminding us once again of how much bigger this show's budget is now than during its first season, ensuring that it looks the part as well as delivering a decent chunk of humour.  No matter where its subject matter lies, it seems like this show always has one or two gems to deliver, and this week's instalment is no different in that regard.

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