Friday, 12 October 2012

Robotics;Notes - Episode 1

In the near future within a very specific divergent timeline, robots have become a huge obsession all around the world thanks to an anime (which mysteriously was never entirely broadcast - it must have been a SHAFT production) named Gunvarrel that enjoyed immense success.  Success that I imagine Production I.G. can only dream off with this adaptation of visual novel Robotics;Notes.

Anyhow, zoom in a little on this world of mechanical obsession and we come to Central Tanegashima High School, a relatively quiet school with an equally quiet Robotics Club - a club which consists of only two members in fact, and even that statement is a bit of a stretch.  While the club is headed up by the energetic and passionate Akiho Senomiya (Aki for short), her partner in crime couldn't be much different, with Kaito Yashio showing more interest in a Gunvarrel derived combat game for his tablet (at which he is incredibly proficient) than actually involving himself in club activities.

Against this backdrop, it seems that any attempt on Aki's part to persuade the school to grant her club a budget will most likely fall upon deaf ears, but that does nothing to dampen her spirits as she continues to give her all at everything she does.  This provides us with some light at the end of that particular tunnel by the end of the episode, as said budget is dangled like a carrot before Aki, with the only condition to secure it being.... the almost impossible task of winning a robot-centric contest just a couple of weeks away.

There isn't really a whole lot to be said about this opening episode of Robotics;Notes - it did a very good job of introducing its major characters, its world and premise, and sprinkled just a little mystery and malice on top of that particular blend.  Certainly, both characters and setting feel sufficiently strong to hold plenty of potential - now we just have to sit back and wait to see what it can actually do with them; a position of pressure for those producing the series in the wake of Steins;Gate's critical and popular success.

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