Monday, 22 October 2012

Medaka Box Abnormal - Episode 2

Now that the Flask plan is out of the bag, things are about to get a lot tougher, and not just for Medaka Kurokami...

Indeed, it's Hitoyoshi that runs into trouble first as he encounters Oudo Miyakonojou - a majestic member of class thirteen and the Flash Plan who seems himself as ruler over all and sundry, to the point where those around him are completely immune to resist his commands.  While it's no surprise to see Zenkichi kneeling before Oudo at his command as he tries to ascertain the location of the suggestion box, it's entirely more surprising to see Medaka herself brought to her knees at his behest.  What's more, it seems that Miyakonojou has taken rather a shine to our protagonist, wanting to take her as his wife and thus asking (or rather, commanding) her to go on a date with him the following days.

If it wasn't already obvious to Medaka, it's now clear that she needs some serious additional training to cope with the problems about to be flung her way, and there's only one man up to the job of getting the best out of her - her brother Maguro.  Known as a wizard and a genius when it comes to management, strategy and maximising the potential of anything and everything, Medaka goes to Maguro in search of help despite his... "overbearing" affection for his sister.  Is he the man to suitably train both Medaka and Zenkichi in time for the former's dare with Oudo and to give them the tools they need to crush the Flask Plan?  Quite possibly...

Having dished out a fair dose of action and craziness to kick off Medaka Box Abnormal, things slow down a little here as a pre-cursor for what is to come - thankfully, even without any real action to speak of this still feels like a much improved effort over the show's first season, with some much-improved humour and, well, a feeling that GAINAX are actually making an effort in terms of animation quality and story-telling this time around.  Perhaps my having read the manga up to its current point in the gap between seasons is helping, but right now Medaka Box Abnormal seems to be simmering quite nicely - hopefully the next couple of instalments will well and truly bring it to the boil if this second season really can prove itself to be a cut above the first.

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