Friday, 12 October 2012

Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb - Episode 2

It's as you were for episode two of Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb, as Sae and Hiro continue their class trip in Hokkaido while their fellow apartment dwellers carry on without them.

Of course, this means that Yuno is still fretting over ways to make herself useful or more accommodating to her juniors - a concern which brings about dangerous times with chairs, a period of stalking and ultimately a trip for the gang to the local bathhouse so that the remaining quartet can check out the delights within... that being Miyako's breasts mostly, it seems.

Meanwhile in Hokkaido Hiro and Sae continue to check out the sights and try their hand at the foodstuffs of the region - a period of enjoyment tempered only by the realisation that this marks another step towards the end of their high school lives and, perhaps worse, exams.  Still, at least Natsume seems to have finally made some progress in her pursuit of Sae...

After its unspectacular opener, this felt like something of a return to form for Hidamari Sketch, with far more well-crafted jokes and amusing moments in the midst of the usual slice of life fare, and with perhaps the slightest hint of some more emotional times ahead as Sae and Hiro's time as high school students draws towards its inevitable conclusion.  Thankfully though, we get to enjoy their presence for a little while yet, as things simply aren't the same without the full Hidamari Apartments crew in attendance.

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