Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Jormungand: Perfect Order - Episode 4

If Jormungand: Perfect Order's first story arc was all about Koko, then the start of a new arc also seems to have turned the show's focus back towards Jonah.

First and foremost though we catch up with Koko's brother Kasper, who seems to be having rather a rough time in his dealings which is in turn causing him to go through a troublesome dry spell.  Needless to say, there's more to this state of affairs than Kasper's ability as an arms dealer, and it's clear that some unknown entity is pulling the strings to prevent HCLI from doing business in certain regions.  Unusually for this powerful organisation, they don't seem able to muster any concrete information as to who is responsible, although that hasn't stopped Kasper from doing some investigating of his own.

Ultimately of course, Kasper wants to do more than simply investigate what's going on - he also wants to do something about it, which leads to him calling Koko to Japan while he sets the wheels in motion of dealing with the mysterious organisation standing in his way.  This also leads to a reunion between Kasper and Jonah which, after a rather long recap of their history, sees them set off to prove the well-being of Jonah's fellow orphans who were saved at his behest.

Aside from its long and arguably needless retreading of Jonah's story from effectively its very beginnings (in the show's own terms at least) through to his prior meetings with Kasper, this looks like an intriguing and promising start to this new story arc - Kasper's poker face makes exactly what's going on at any given time hard to pin down, and switching the focus back to Jonah for a while is arguably much needed after having him obediently follow Koko around for quite a while now.  The chess pieces seem to be moving into place, so hopefully the coming episodes can deliver something as striking and notable as last week's instalment.

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