Monday, 29 October 2012

My Little Monster - Episode 5

With the promise of a date on the cards, Haru is already thinking ahead to what that date might involve.  In fact, he's probably thinking about it a little too much...

That aside, it's the second term of the year, and as all and sundry return to school Shizuku seems as determined as ever to best Haru in any test results as we learn a little more about exactly why the latter is so smart despite never studying and missing virtually the entirety of his middle school years.  Any thoughts of dates are quickly extinguished however at the appearance of Haru's older brother Yuzan once again - despite Haru making good on his escape, it seems that it's Shizuku that Yuzan is after.

While teasing his younger brother mercilessly via text message as he hangs out with Shizuku, we learn the real reason for Yuzan's appearance on the scene - put simply, Haru's father wants him to return home after kicking him out for being a disgrace to the family during those aforementioned difficult middle school years.  However, given that he's now attending school and making a decent fist of things, Yuzan feels that the time is ripe to prove that Haru is more than capable of staying where he is, while also realising just how important Shizuku's role in Haru's "rehabilitation" is.  Thus, his plea is for Shizuku to effectively look after Haru; a plea which does nothing to dissolve the sense of trust the younger sibling has for his elder.  Just when it seems as if everyone's goals are aligning, has a rival appeared to challenge Shizuku?

For all of its pretty traditional shoujo plot points and concepts, this felt like a strong episode of My Little Monster.  I know I've mentioned it before a few times now, but in particular Shizuku is often a breath of fresh air within this genre - sure she still swoons over Haru a little, but never to the point of allowing herself to be manipulated and told what to do by him, proving herself to be a strong and decisive character who can make her own decisions and figure things out for herself rather than becoming a simpering wreck without the male lead around to help her out.  I think it's this that really makes My Little Monster a joy to watch - I could take or leave a lot of the other characters, but I can't help but root for Shizuku's happiness as she figures out the new feelings and experiences which are arriving thick and fast for her, making for a journey that is proving to be pretty fascinating to watch for the most part when the show is focusing sufficiently upon her.

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