Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Jormungand: Perfect Order - Episode 1

Her name is Koko, she is mentally unstable, I said "oh no, that doesn't even rhyme!"  Anyhow, everyone's favourite arms dealer is back this autumn for a second season of Jormungand - although when I say "favourite" it seems that Ms Hekmatyar has made herself some very dangerous enemies indeed.

First off though, Perfect Order begins by squaring the circle started by the finale to the previous season - having seen Karen Low's attempt to unleash vengeance upon Valmer for killing her boss thwarted, this series begins with her camping outside the African offices of Doctor Miami, who instantly recognises her and offers her a job on staff as one of her secretaries; a task more difficult than any military operation, it seems.  This new gig soon brings Karen and Valmer face-to-face once more, in the midst of the tail end of an operation headed up by Hekmatyar and Miami to launch satellites designated to support the US GPS system... at least that's their official use, but it seems that some powerful people are banking upon using the data provided by these satellites for different means altogether.

Although all this seems to have gone to plan for Koko and her armed guard, it seems that plans are afoot to take her down a peg or two.  From an official CIA point of view it seems that Operation Undershaft is the name of this plot; an ambitious plan consisting of a deep undercover agent amongst other elements.  It appears that this isn't going to be Koko's only problem moving forward however, as the maverick woman known as "Hex" similarly has her sights set on Koko, only this time with a view to a kill....

With plenty to set up while also providing some links to, and reminders of, its first season, Perfect Order's opening had a fair amount of business to file away - something that it does here in unspectacular but reasonably proficient fashion to leave us in no doubt as to the factions involved in the clashes which are seemingly just around the corner.  With the promise of some serious action next week judging by its trailer, it'll be interesting to see what (if anything) White Fox have learned in the interim since the first season of Jormungand aired - there are certainly some gaps that need to be plugged in its production, and if they can succeed in that then this could be a truly fascinating series.  If nothing else, the chess pieces are moving into place to edge us towards some epic goings-on in the near future to give Perfect Order its first big story-telling test.

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