Sunday, 15 January 2012

Persona 4: The Animation - Episode 14

After presenting Nanako's view of the summer last week, this time around it's Yuu Narukami's turn to get the focus turned upon his relaxing summer - at least, it would have been relaxing were it not for a certain fox.

Having lost her umbrella on account of said fox, Narukami decides to buy Nanako a replacement - a task which is easier said than done for a jobless student.  Thus, our protagonist takes on a part-time job tutoring a kid to try and make the required money; a decision which snowballs as he finds himself unable to refuse the opportunity to assist other people in the town.

Before we know it, Narukami is helping out with childcare, assisting old ladies, fishing, flirting with nurses, dressing as Teddie and giving first aid - although never all at the same time, I should hasten to add.  While this is no doubt doing wonders for his social standing, it certainly isn't doing much for his physical health as be the end of it the poor guy is exhausted.  Still, all's well that ends well as we end with happiness for all and sundry.  Ahhhhh.

Much like Nanako's take on things last time around, there were some great comedy moments within this week's Persona 4 - perhaps not quite enough to drive the episode from beginning to end, but just about enough to make it somewhat entertaining even if it was the epitome of filler.  Perhaps I'm being a little less generous because it feels like so long since we last had some "proper" Persona action between this arc and the New Year break, so hopefully we get back to business as usual as soon as possible next time around - a possibly forlorn hope with it covering school trip territory.

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