Monday, 9 January 2012

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 13

After a New Year break, it's time to rejoin the insanity that is Mirai Nikki, albeit with a seemingly normal goal in mind as this thirteenth episode begins with Yukkii and Yuno heading off to the mountains to spend a night star gazing.  Ahhhh, how romantic... at least, it is according to Yukiteru's plans, but it seems that Yuno has other ideas.

As Gasai suggests something of a detour to take them further away from their planned location, our attention switches to Akise who still seems to be keen to dig into Yuno and Yukkii's movements.  He isn't the only one either - following Kurusu's death, his dedicated assistant Nishijima finds himself left with some comprehensive notes from his former boss telling him everything he needs to know about the Future Diaries, their holders and victims so far.

Under the assumption that Yuno is about to kidnap Yukiteru for whatever ends she has in mind, Nishijima and Akise work together to try and save the day, roping Hinata, Mao and that other guy (does his name even matter?) into proceedings in an attempt to avoid the attentions of Yuno's diary in particular.  Of course, it takes more than that to outsmart Yuno Gasai, and while our team of intrepid wannabe investigators soon track down where Yukkii might be held, actually getting him is going to prove far more difficult, and perhaps even deadly.

Although the first half of this episode was a bit of a slow burner as we saw both Yuno and Akise's respective "vacations" being played somewhat straight, things always get interesting when it involves Yuno , sharp objects and other generally dangerous implements - lo and behold we were soon delivered another slither of madness straight from the most violent portions of her brain.  It seems that this is only the beginning too, meaning that this particular story arc looks as though it might be warming up nicely as Deus ex Machina and Murmur's world crumbles around them.  In a world where even the cute sidekick has a devilish part to play in proceedings, you know it's going to be a gas, with every pun intended.

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