Monday, 16 January 2012

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing - Episode 12

After dipping back into the past and the true events of the original Grand Race which Fam loves to harp on about, we're returned to both harsh reality and the present for episode thirteen of Fam, the Silver Wing.

With the Sylvius missing, Fam, Gise and Millia at least find themselves in a place of safety thanks to Glacies pilot Dian, who clearly recognises Fam as having saved her during their last encounter.  Thus, Dian slightly reluctantly puts up this trio while also helping them to source parts for their badly damaged Vanship, thanks in no small part to Millia's ability to speak Russian... err, I mean Glacies language.

As our three guests spend more time with Dian, whether it's eating or trying to fix their craft, so the initial icy (you can make your own jokes there) relationship between these parties thaw, although Dian's memories of the Grand Race (and perhaps more importantly its immediate aftermath) are clearly far, far different than Fam's rose-tinted ones.  Such negative memories might well be about to repeat themselves too, with a mass combined force under the control of the Federation about to pay Glacies a decidedly unwelcome visit.

Despite being a far cry from some of the entirely action-oriented episodes we've seen at times during the series, this quieter, more reserved outing actually worked pretty well as a standalone instalment in its own right - admittedly we didn't get as deep into the mindset of the people of Glacies as perhaps we could, but there was something quite charming about seeing Dian and Fam's relationship develop but never quite completely mature, with the whole thing adding to the impact of the episode's final scenes as they look set to launch us back into the thick of the action again next week.

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