Monday, 16 January 2012

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 14

As this second half of Mirai Nikki begins, things are looking pretty good for Yuno - she has her beloved Yukiteru under lock and key, Hinata is similarly at her bidding and the rest of the group in pursuit of her are having a gas... quite literally.  So safe is Yuno in her current position that she's happy to pad around the hotel security room she's "borrowing" in her underwear - Hell, she's even brought her parents along for the trip.  Well, part of them at least...

Despite being trapped in an increasingly gas-filled room while Yuno has her fun, Akise still hasn't given up hope, using the CCTV system to pick at Yuno's psychological scabs as he informs her that he knows all about the fate of her parents, plus that of one other body found in the massive hole at Yuno's house.  Whoever that third body belongs to, it's enough to irritate and upset Yuno further to the point where she simply blanks out Akise's taunts, seemingly leaving them in an even more desperate situation.

However, the trapped trio have reckoned without a deus ex machina, as Kousaka suddenly finds himself imbued with a Future Diary of his own, outlining his brilliant moments and thus pushing him in the right direction to escape confinement.  From here, his diaries assertion that he'll rescue Yukiteru makes his showdown with Yuno seem simple enough, although after freeing Akise and Mao he soon learns rather painfully where the shortcoming of his diary lays - it never tells him about the things he gets wrong.  Still, this commotion of enough for Hinata to help Yukkii free himself, leaving the entire group to flee the hotel leaving only a sobbing Yuno to her own devices.  With more diary holders on the way, and Yuno's spirit far from broken, we can hardly call anything "resolved" however.

If nothing else, it'll be interesting to see what this week's Mirai Nikki does to fans with an unconditional love of Yuno, as her mask of undying love for Yukkii turned into that of a full-on psychopath thanks to her actions here, even if she is a psychopath whose been playing Skyrim (why else would you aim for an arrow to the knee?).  Of course, there is more than one reason to love Yuno, and it's her batshit, deranged insanity which makes this episode as her lunacy comes to the fore, bringing Yukiteru to breaking point in more ways than one.  I'm not entirely sure what to make of the addition of Kousaka's diary, but I suppose it would be churlish to complain about a deus ex machina in a show featuring a character called Deus Ex Machina, wouldn't it?  With Yuno still very much in the game and some more diary holders on the way, it seems that we can expect lots more interesting twists and turns just around the corner.

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