Friday, 13 January 2012

Amagami SS+ plus - Episode 2

Noriko Kurosawa will stop at nothing to win the student council presidency from rival Tsukasa Ayatsuji - although is that really even her actual goal, as she pursues Junichi Tachibana as her primary method of attack to engineer a dramatic end to last week's episode.

Such drama is, perhaps sadly, short-lived however, as Ayatsuji sees straight through what Kurosawa is trying to do and has little time for her efforts, preferring to spend that time instead berating her boyfriend for his outright, dumb stupidity, which you'd think she'd be used to by now.

With that failure of that plan, the battle for the presidency all comes down to the four candidate's speeches, and there's no prizes for guessing who wins the day there to secure what turns out to be a landslide victory for Ayatsuji.  With mission accomplished, and with Tachibana as her vice-president, there are still important things to consider - can Junichi really study hard enough to go to the same university as his girlfriend, and is he going to see her naked as an accident with a dog offers up a great opportunity for him.  Wait, that last part sounded wrong, didn't it?

Anyhow, ultimately this was a decidedly fluffy episode and story arc of Amagami SS+ (and no, I'm not talking about the dog now) - its drama was decidedly short-lived and there was no tension, interest or excitement in the whole venture aside from the possibility of some fan service which never entirely emerged.  Given that Ayatsuji's personality never really added much to the original series, it perhaps goes some way to explaining the rather weak account given of this arc which added little if anything to the first season's arc - hopefully Rihoko gets a better treatment starting next week, because goodness knows she deserves one.

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