Friday, 27 January 2012

Amagami SS+ plus - Episode 4

When confronted with a random (and not to mention insincere) confession from a classmate out in town, there's nothing for it but for poor Rihoko to blurt out that she's really in love with Junichi, who just so happens to be standing right around the corner.  But did he hear her over the noise from a passing train?

We're left guessing as to what Tachibana did or didn't see and hear as first Rihoko arrives to cook a meal for the Tachibana siblings before Junichi follows close behind, albeit with melted ice cream by this juncture.  There's clearly some awkwardness from both camps in light of what's just gone on, but while Junichi clearly wants to say something he simply can't get the words out.

Still, this uncertainty does nothing to ruin a good meal (and I suspect nothing would ruin a meal for Rihoko), so a good time is had by all before it's Sakurai's turn to have a potential confession interrupted by Miya.  When a sudden downpour arrives, Rihoko finds herself invited to stay over for the night rather than getting drenched in the rain, making for an ideal chance to confess her feelings.  Thankfully, some late night insomnia and a decidedly contrived accident involving a sparkler finally gives this pairing the impetus they need to confess their feelings and (hopefully) live happily ever after.  About bloody time too, you dolts!

Its subject matter might have been unspectacular and decidedly mundane - in terms of drama it didn't really even try - but somehow this particular story arc of Amagami SS+ plus was satisfying exactly because of its normality.  That, coupled with the natural chemistry between long-standing friends Junichi and Rihoko, gave us a scenario that was believable and a potential relationship which was plausible, and given her rough treatment in the first series it was a simply joy to see a lovely girl get what (or rather, who) she wants.  This isn't a romance story that'll live long in the memory, but as enjoyable throw-away entertainment who am I to argue about what it succeeded in delivering here?

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