Friday, 6 January 2012

Amagami SS+ plus - Episode 1

So here we are, back in the occasionally faintly kinky world of Junichi Tachibana for this winter anime season.  What a start he seems to be off too as well, sharing a bathroom with the lovely Ayatsuji with little more than a towel to protect her modesty.  It's like some kind of dream...

In fact, it is a dream, as Junichi is brought jolting back to reality thanks to his ever-doting sister Miya.  Then again, Junichi's nocturnal exploits aren't entirely the stuff of fiction, as we soon learn that we're currently ensconced one month after the end of the Founder's Festival which closed each arc of the first season, with our protagonist now officially dating the occasionally scary Tsukasa Ayatsuji, who very much seems to be wearing the trousers in this particular relationship.

We return to this story at an important time for Ayatsuji, as she aims to take her place as the new student council president.  As part of the election process, she finds herself up against three other indivudals, the most notable of which is a girl named Noriko Kurosawa who seems to have political connections to match her ambition.  What's more, how seriously she's taking the campaign is apparant from the offset, as she as well as Ayatsuji names Tachibana as her prospective vice president - a piece of psychological warfare that is read as some kind of daring confession by the other students.  Cue a decidedly dirty campaign between Ayatsuji and Kurosawa as they both use their wiles to get to the head of the pack before the real voting process begins - but is it Noriko who has the most powerful weapon of all in her arsenal?

If I remember Amagami SS for one thing, it was for being a little bit crazy at times, albeit enjoyable so for the most part even if a lot of its fare was unspectacular.  Thus far, Amagami SS+ plus (how many pluses does one need?) looks likely to provide more of the same - it perhaps runs the risk of going too far down the traditional high school comedy route, and Tachibana really does make for an entirely unbelievable boyfriend for a girl as smart as Ayatsuji, but there remains something amusing about watching our protagonist flail around aside from occasional moments of perverted genius here and there.  This show isn't going to set the pulse racing in any sense of the word, but as some light-hearted fun I can't exactly complain too much.

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