Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Daily Lives of High School Boys - Episode 4

Ever wondered what your friends talk about when you're not around?  Of course you do!  If you plan on listening in on their conversation however, make sure you're listening in on the right people and not just someone who looks incredibly similar...

This minor error on Tadakuni's part takes us onto the mainstay of this week's episode of Daily Lives of High School Boys, with East High and North High foisted upon one another to work together towards a joint festival, thus effectively merging an all boys and all-girls school for the duration in the process.  Thus, the various segments which make up this arc give some surprisingly sharp insights into how boys tend to view the opposite sex, trying their best to ignore the airs, graces and constant complaining about them which comes from the female contingent.  Meanwhile, East High's student council president, and more specifically her competitive streak, causes all sorts of hassle before finally culminating in that most ladylike of past-times - a full-on fist fight in the school hall.

That's actually pretty much it from this week's episode - not as laugh out loud funny as previous episodes, but occasionally very much on the ball with its observational comedy to somewhat make up for any shortfall in belly laughs.  If nothing else, Daily Lives of High School Boys gets by from daring to be different and poking fun of things from an entirely male point of view, and that alone is often enough to make it wholly fun to watch.

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