Monday, 23 January 2012

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 15

Yukiteru might have rid himself of Gasai Yuno's attentions (for the time being at least), but with new diary owners popping up left and right this isn't exactly the time to relax or celebrate by any stretch of the imagination - still, at least Deus Ex Machina has been kind enough to explain just how these new diary-wielding maniacs have managed to pop up in the midst of this survival game.

In short, these new "apprentice" diary owners don't actually physically own their diaries at all - rather, they're simply 'blogs hosted off a server and made accessible to the individual in question.  Hey, I guess that makes me a future diary owner too!

20:05 You write an insipid 'blog post
20:08 You screengrab an image of a nutter from Mirai Nikki
23:00 You receive no comments on your post

Look at that, it works too!  Anyway, I digress - with this knowledge, Akise looks to put together a plan to thwart and capture these new diarists alongside Yukkii, by luring them out into the open courtesy of Kousaka's mansion of a house before cutting off the phone data signal to that area and thus rendering them helpless.

This all seems like a great plan... until Yuno uses her knowledge of Yukkii's movements to come along, cut the power and send said plan into chaos.  With Akise and Kousaka now having to manually switch off the nearby cell tower, Yukiteru is left facing danger alongside his bonkers would-be girlfriend once again, as two diary owners named Ai and Mar come at him with their unique abilities.  Once the mobile phone signal is turned off, it seems like game over for these assailants... except they're actually real diary owners, complete with their own "love diary".  Thus, it's the battle of the couples, in a chain of events which can hardly be said to go well for our protagonist as he finds himself and his associates both outfought and out-thought.

Once again, Mirai Nikki really hits the spot when it's at its most bat shit crazy - there are plot holes aplenty in this episode, but does it really matter when it's so much fun to watch?  As per usual, I found myself grinning and giggling away as the insanity unfolded without worrying too much about the nuances of the matters at hand - it's hard to get too bogged down in minutiae when you're being so hugely entertained, after all.

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