Monday, 23 February 2009

White Album - Episode 8

If Touya's actions throughout White Album thus far have left you in any doubt as to whether or not the guy is an asshole, then I present to you exhibit AAA, aka episode eight of this series, which demonstrates a level of utterly despicable beyond compare.

Anyway, I'm getting a little ahead of myself here, as the episode opens with Haruka's near breakdown getting her into trouble with some thugs, an issue that looks as though it's headed into "bad end" territory until Mana shows up, using her wiles to save her. The two then have a conversation that seems to be somewhat at crossed purposes, as they both talk about Touya as though he is a brother to them, while simultaneously not talking about him, if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, Touya is taken aback by Rina's song, but refuses to listen to Yuki's, which leads to a long monologue from Rina to Touya explaining her brother's passion, his own history as a pop star, and Rina's current situation. This could well count as further evidence towards my oft-mooted belief that Rina is up to something and it isn't good, as she lays out how her brother has lost interest in her as "too perfect" having reached what seems to be the pinnacle of her career, while Yuki is still young a rough around the edges, posing far more of the kind of challenge he strives for. She even all but admits feeling jealousy towards Yuki over having Touya to worry about too, handing him her schedule and asking him to come and visit her any time.

This is the point where the episode takes on it's mantle as proving Touya to be a completely despicable asshole, as he spends so much time with Misaki, Haruka, Mana and company that he has absolutely no time to either see or speak to Yuki, despite her frequent attempts to call him. He then proceeds to "get caught" visiting Rina with her birthday present by Yuki, and ends the episode by copping off with Yayoi in her car. Really classy behaviour there, Touya...

After posting my 'Blog entry for episode seven of White Album, someone in the comments referred to the series taking a bit of a School Days-esque turn, and to be honest after this instalment I'd happily accept the series ending with Touya's decapitated head being taken for a trip on a nice boat - Right now, the guy deserves it. That aside, Touya's complete lack of tact and common sense is actually rather annoying here, which leaves it to Rina to save the episode once again by being suitably mysterious - While I still don't trust her at all, her character remains broadly impenetrable (I mean emotionally, get your minds out of the gutter!), and if anything this episode only strengthens the web of mixed-up feelings and intriguing possibilities that she has become. Let's hope she gets to keep centre stage next episode, as without anything to distract me from Touya being a moron I may well end up damaging my laptop.


Mentar said...


Well, I've got to agree with almost everything you said. Demerits for Yuki too, for not raising the issue either. But damn, what a letdown Touya was here. For all his pseudo-determined babble against cutting their relationship short, he not only completely ignores Yuki for weeks, but then goes for this cold splitup without a fight? Bah.

Was Rina so mysterious? I thought she really bared her soul in this ep, and you can take pretty much everything at face value. Including the "I'm not a goddess anymore - tomorrow I might be a devil" line.

dingmajiao said...

imo.. i think touya's kinda being caught in 2 minds..

he wan to be with yuki and yet he doesnt wan to hinder her career and become his burden.. and thus he took such an action throughout the course so that he will forget about yuki.. then come yayoi.. and he couldnt stand it anymore..

and then sadly.. boom they met.. lol.. and i dunno.. i hated school days but i wont be angry for a school day ending this time likely though.. LOL..

now about rina.. yes.. she's mysterious.. i think she's jealous and envious of yuki.. she "stole" her loves one from her.. and though she hate to admit it or have been denying, she wanna "steal" touya away.. -.-'
kinda not happening.. but around the lines.. she's envious that yuki have all the things that would make her happy.. and she have none..

now to the ending.. i believe the show will probably go to touya-yuki ending though i dunno how.. somehow they're gonna fix this mess touya is in.. if not i wont deny a school day ending for mr playboy..