Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Minami-ke Okaeri - Episode 7

Episode seven of Minami-ke Okaeri turns out to be a bit of a Makoto special by and large, as we're regaled by the latest perils of his secret life of gender swapping.

For starters, Makoto is supposed to be practising for a three-legged race with an apathetic Chiaki for the sports festival, but thankfully for him she finds the idea of practising with Mako far more conducive to getting things done. That aside, Makoto finds itself in the midst of other "dangers" which threaten to expose him, from his flat chest through to Chiaki spilling soda on his crotch (with the latter somehow progressing into a tale about tanuki which ends up with both Kana and Chiaki talking in parables). We finally move away from Makoto's feminine attributes (or lack thereof) for the final chunk of the episode, which instead takes in what can only be described as some mug madness.

Overall, this was by far one of the better episode of Minami-ke Okaeri so far - The pacing was just about right, the dialogue was much better (with some genuinely funny one-liners creeping into the script), and even the tired old running jokes regarding Makoto's cross-dressing actually proved to be relatively funny this time around. This was then topped by the hilariously overblown excitement shown by Touma when he's gifted a mug by Kana, with an equally huge (but rather more predictable) reaction coming from Fujioka when he is offered the same. It's little moments and set pieces like this that can make a slice of life series like Minami-ke, so thank goodness that this episode managed to find some to bring some life to a series that has drifted into mediocrity over the past few weeks. I needed a good reason to continue watching Okaeri, and this instalment gave it.


anime2kuk said...

Totally agree. It was definitely the best Okaeri episode I've seen at the moment; I'd even go as far as saying it was nearly as good as the Minami-ke 1st season episodes.

Hopefully the remaining episodes will follow suit.

kadian1364 said...

For as much as people like to poo-poo the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Minami-ke, I fail to remember how the 1st was so hysterical, so gut-busting, so guffaw-inducing that at its mere mention, children danced in the streets, grown men wept in joy, nations ended wars, humanity and nature coexisted in harmony, a chorus of angels sung its praises and Jesus only wished he had been the one to bless the world with this eternally lasting gift to all of mankind. /sarcasm

Yeah, I liked the 1st season, it had funny parts, so did the 2nd and so does the 3rd, can we let it be??

Hanners said...

Personally, I think that what made the first series of Minami-ke a better series (although as you note still not a classic) was that it *did* have a few memorable moments that still make me laugh now, the general level of humour was far more varied and wide-ranging, and of course it didn't look like it had been animated by amateurs.

In contrast, I can't remember a single funny moment in Okawari, unless laughing at the animation errors counts. Against that backdrop, Okaeri is already a vast improvement in the humour department, with a few decent laughs even though it seems determined to go down the same old routes as the source of its humour.

lulu_chan said...

yup... the first season was good, that was what keep me enduring MK okawari, and sure enough MK okaeri sort of bringing the essence back. Cuz, this show have real emotions that I can relate to. Though, despite the slow development of main characters and supporting characters, MK Okaeri knows how to insert interesting fillers topped with icing. It's so relaxing to watch it. Keep up, MK Okaeri!