Friday, 27 February 2009

DVD review: Shakugan no Shana

In case you're not already aware (meaning that you haven't read the little profile blurb on this very 'Blog, which is forgiveable), as well as slapping down my musings on the latest anime here I do also review the latest UK DVD releases over at UK Anime - For some reason I've never thought to cross-link those reviews here, but now the thought has come to me I can't think of any good reason not to.

With its availability in retail next week, I've just polished off the final volume of Shakugan no Shana (or simply Shana as it's been shortened to for us Western types), so for completeness I've linked to my reviews for all six DVD volumes that I've run my critical eye over below:

- Volume one
- Volume two
- Volume three
- Volume four
- Volume five
- Volume six

Let me know if you want to see (or indeed don't want to see) links to my UK Anime reviews in future, so I can act accordingly!


kadian1364 said...

Yes, I've heard of these bizarre products, "DVDs" as you call them.

Why don't you just post your reviews here at the same time they go up there? Or is that some kind of conflict of interest?

Anyway, I'll get around to reading them sometime, though I've already acquired a 'bleh' attitude towards the series and am really not interested in spending more of my time trying to care about it.

Hanners said...

I wouldn't feel comfortable posting the reviews in their entirety up here to be honest - The whole reason for creating content for a web site is to drive traffic, so to just throw it up elsewhere would be more than a little harsh, especially seeing as I get "gifted" these sample DVDs in return for exclusively reviewing it for them.

Besides which, it's a good site (in my biased opinion, but that's why I "work" there), so it's worth clicking. ;)

kadian1364 said...

Understood. I was expecting the situation to be something along those lines.

You have pretty concise reviews. Sensible and punctual, not at all very different from your blogging style.

As far as linking them from this blog, I think you can link to reviews at the bottom of regular blog posts as they occur. That way readers don't get empty posts redirecting us to other sites, more like additional, but optional, reading.